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Digital Resource Sample

We're so glad you're interested in reading with us! During your program you'll gain access to the following digital resources:  

  • Book themed blog posts that feature character spotlights, essays on theme, and more. 

  • Daily trivia quizzes on Kahoot! that follow your reading.

  • The opportunity to interact with other students reading this text and engage with bonus content via Flipgrid.

  • national contest that invites families to share their reading experience from the home for a chance to win.

See below for an example of each resource! 



Guest Password: FetchMan7
Click to see an example of one of our Flipgrid communities
Click to see a write up on what you can expect from our #OneBookConnects contest


Click the button below to play an example Kahoot from Ban This Book. During your read there will be a Kahoot quiz for each day that follows the reading schedule.

Blog Posts

Below you'll find examples of content our team curates during a #OneBookConnects read. A typical week consists of a Character Spotlight, a Feature Post on theme or an author interview, and a Friday Reconnect. 
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