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New School Check List

by Kayla Aldrich, Read to Them staff

Hello, all! We hope you’re having a fantastic Wednesday so far, and are eager to dive into today’s chapters of Because of the Rabbit. Like Emma, many of you have likely gone back to school these last few weeks - or maybe, you’re starting at a brand new school, in a brand new area. Either way, this can be a really stressful time and we thought we’d take a minute to put together a checklist of tips to help you out. Check them out below!

  • Be a listening ear! Part of forming connections is listening to those around you. What makes you similar? What makes you different? What things both make you laugh? By listening to these sorts of things, you’ll learn about the people in your class and be sure to deepen your friendships.

  • Be kind! If you’re nervous, that's okay! More than likely, you aren’t alone in feeling this way. Starting school is a lot… and starting school after moving to a new area? That’s a huge change to endure. Remember to be patient and kind to yourself, and to others.

  • Be brave! Forming a new friendship can be as simple as saying, “Hello!” If there’s someone you’d like to talk to, take the plunge even if it’s a little scary. Chances are, if you’ve noticed them, they’re paying attention to you, as well. Some of the best outcomes rely on an instant of bravery - you got this! Speak up, and know that every instance where you make your voice heard is worth the moment of fear.

  • Be yourself! While this may seem like simple advice, sometimes this can be the toughest thing to do. Each school has their own trendsetters, but that doesn’t mean you have to abide by the masses. Wear what makes you comfortable, and don’t be afraid to talk about your favorite shows, hobbies, and interests. You’ll find your people, and your place where you belong - just like Emma!

We hope this checklist is helpful for you. Be sure to share photos with us of you and your family reading together on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Enjoy your Wednesday, all, and happy reading!

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