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Friday Writing Prompts: Week Two

By Kayla Aldrich, Read to Them staff

Good morning, all! We can’t believe how quick our time with Zoey and Sassafras has passed us by, and though we have to say goodbye, we aren’t finished yet. If you haven’t already, check out our interview with Asia Citro and our post covering a brief history of dragons. You won’t want to miss them!

Now’s your chance to spend some time with the digital resources for Dragons. Head on over to the Flipgrid community - it’s the perfect place to share your final thoughts about the novel with your peers! This week's bonus activity is to design a dragon of your own. What abilities would they have? What color would they be? How about their size? Whatever your dragon may look like, be sure to share your drawing in a Flipgrid response. We can’t wait to see your magical creation!

As you reach the end of Dragons & Marshmallows, here are some writing prompts for your consideration:

  1. In chapter 9, Zoey is worried about Marshmallow and, in her upset, realizes she needs her mom to help her. When has there been a time that you needed help? What made you realize that there was a task or struggle that you couldn’t face alone? Write about it.

  2. Zoey conducts an experiment to determine whether Marshmallow is a carnivore, herbivore, or an omnivore. What is something you’ve always wanted to know that can be found out using the scientific method? Brainstorm ways to bring your experiment to life, and write out each step in a notebook or journal.

  3. In the matter of a night, Marshmallow doubles in size! Write about how your life would change if you woke up and your height had doubled. What advantages and disadvantages would you have to face?

  4. Zoe has to say goodbye to Marshmallow, knowing that a dragon should not be contained to a barn. Have you ever had to say goodbye to a friend or family member? How did you feel? Did you see each other again? Write about your experience, and share it.

  5. Dragons & Marshmallows has quite the open-ending. What magical friend do you think Zoey and Sassafras will encounter next? What lessons or adventures might be ahead of them? Jot down your answers in a paragraph or two.

Before you wrap-up your read, be sure to share photos with us of you and your family reading together on Facebook,Instagram, andTwitter. Enjoy your Friday, all, and happy reading!

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