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Friday Writing Prompts: Week One

by Kayla Aldrich, Read to Them staff

Good morning, all! Here we are at the end of our first week with Emma, Owen, and the rest of Because of the Rabbit’s cast. Don’t fret, though! We have loads of fun in store for you these next two weeks. You won’t want to miss it!

Now’s your chance to spend some time with the digital resources for Because of the Rabbit. Head on over to the Flipgrid community - it’s the perfect place to share your thoughts about the book with your peers! This week's bonus activity is meant to encourage you to break out your acting chops. You’ll be stepping into the shoes of your favorite character in the novel, answering questions to really get to know the character better! Post your video reply to Flipgrid - we look forward to seeing your responses!

To wrap up this Friday, here are some writing prompts for your consideration:

  • On page 21, Emma says that, “When an animal trusts you, it fills you up with a warm feeling.” Have you ever experienced this feeling with an animal before? A pet? A zoo encounter? Write a paragraph about this warmth and what that animal’s trust meant to you.

  • Over the course of these chapters, Emma has remembered a number of Pépère’s Monsieur Lapin stories. Take the time to write one of your own! You can make it as long or as brief as you’d like, so long as your piece starts with “It happened once” and ends with “So it was.”

  • On Emma’s first day of school, Owen gives her some important advice: “Pick your first friends carefully, though. Sometimes that’s who you end up with for good.” (p. 39) Is this true? Yes or no? What advice would you give someone who was starting at a new school? Write two paragraphs answering these questions.

  • It’s Emma’s first time going to a public school! Using your sense of sight, smell, and hearing, pretend you’re a new student and write about your first day at school. You can include details about the school hallways, entry, and playground, as well as your classroom. Have fun with this!

  • Emma during two truths and a lie, Emma says that she’s never hatched frogs in her bathroom… which isn’t true. Owen gave her a rock that said BE YOURSELF - so why did Emma lie? Have you ever felt the need to hide a part of yourself? Why? What was that like? Write about it.

As we head into the weekend, be sure to share photos with us of you and your family reading together on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Enjoy your Friday, all, and happy reading!

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