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Friday Reconnect: Week Two

By Chloe Grant, Read to Them staff

Well, readers, our time with Stella is coming to a close, but not without Stella’s amazing presentation happening first! As you’re reading the last chapters of this book, take a moment to look back at where our friend Stella started, and how far she has come. We’ve learned so much while reading Stella Díaz Has Something to Say. Speaking of having something to say, our team had the opportunity to do a live Q & A with Angela Dominguez! You can check it out here.

Also, as you’re wrapping up your reading we’re sure you have tons to say, and we have the perfect place! Now is your chance to wrap up your time with your Flipgrid community for this program, so don’t forget to drop in there and share your thoughts! Or, if you wanna participate, but aren’t sure what to say, we got you covered! This week’s activity is an animal presentation! Just like Stella and her class prepared presentations, we encourage you to explore your curiosities in the animal kingdom. Stella explored the ocean, but what will you dive into? Maybe an animal you already know lots about, or perhaps you’ll do some research of your own.

Lastly, if you’re feeling more like Stella in the beginning of our text and want to do some individual reflection, here are some writing prompts for you!

  • What have you learned from Stella? How has your perspective shifted while reading this text? Write a letter to Stella telling her your thoughts!

  • Stella and Stanley finally become friends in this section. She tries to avoid him at the aquarium, but ends up facing her fears and chatting with him. Write a story about a time you faced a fear or made a new friend.

  • Similarly, at the end of our text, Stella gives a stellar presentation! Part of why her presentation is so great is because she’s passionate about the content she’s delivering. What are you passionate about? Write a paragraph about that thing, and brainstorm ways you can use that passion in your life!

  • Stella is very close with her family, and they’ve been very supportive of her throughout the text. Who supports you? Write about them, maybe include a moment where they supported you when you needed it! If you’re up for it, share what you write with them.

  • All throughout this text there have been full illustrations. Did you know in addition to writing this book Angela Dominguez also illustrated it? That’s right! Try your hand at writing a story and adding illustrations to it.

It’s been a pleasure to read this book with you, and we hope you’ve enjoyed your time with Stella. Until next time, be kind and happy reading!

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