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Friday Reconnect - Week One

By Oliver Perry, Read to Them Staff

Happy Friday everyone! As we say goodbye to our first week of Fenway and Hattie by Victoria J. Coe, we wanted to take a look back on all the fun we’ve had so far. So far we’ve seen Fenway and his family make a big move! We’ve seen evil humans, nasty squirrels, loud trucks, and other scary things. But we’ve also seen a big, backyard dog park, and made a couple friends. Who is your favorite character so far? Is it Fenway? Hattie? Fetch Man? Food Lady? Patches or Goldie? Let us know! We are super excited to get back to Fenway and Hattie for #OneBookConnects, and read more about his quest to get his ‘short human’ back.

For today’s activity, we’d like for you to take a page out of Fenway and Hattie. In the chapters we read for this week, Hattie’s family moves into a new house in a new neighborhood. As scary as that can be, their new neighbors, Angel’s parents, are super nice, and even bring them muffins! This week, do some nice for your neighbor! Whether it’s baking them cookies, writing them a letter, or giving them a good book to read, make your neighbors day by doing something nice for them. There can never be too much kindness!

We don’t have any writing prompts for you this week… Just kidding! Here are a few to chew on until next Friday.

  • This book is full of pups, but they aren’t the only good pets. Write about what your dream pet would be. It can be anything, from a parrot to an elephant. Explain your choice.

  • Fenway is scared of trucks, and he can’t stand those nasty squirrels. Write about something you’re afraid of. Spiders, the dark, heights? Write about your fear, and then write at least two ways you deal with, or overcome your fear.

  • Fenway & Hattie are best friends. However, Hattie starts to grow apart from Fenway. Have you ever had a friend of yours grow apart from you? Write about how that feels, and what ways you deal with those feelings.

  • Fenway and Hattie is written from the perspective of a dog. Perspective is a fancy way of saying point of view. Write a paragraph or two from the perspective of your favorite animal. Where are they? What are they doing and thinking? Do they have animal friends? Get creative!

  • Fenway is having a tough time adjusting to his new home in parts of this week’s reading. Have you ever experienced something new that took you some time to get used to? How did you feel, and what did you do to help yourself adjust?

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