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Friday Reconnect - Week One

By Oliver Perry, Read to Them Staff

Happy Friday, everyone! We hope you enjoyed our first week reading Nim’s Island by Wendy Orr. From having a sea lion and an iguana as friends, to writing letters to her favorite author, to volcanoes erupting, Nim has a lot going on! We even got to know her a bit better through our character spotlight on Monday, courtesy of our magical staff member, Kayla. Check it out if you haven’t!

We also had the pleasure of getting to know the author, Wendy Orr. Just like Nim writes to Alex Rover, our super-duper staff member, Chloe, wrote to Orr, and asked her a few questions. In her response we learned about her childhood, her many careers, and even how she came up with Nim’s Island! Our chat with her is a must read.

Between the book and our blog, we were inspired by these letters, and we thought what better way to celebrate these e-mail pals than to get everyone at home involved. For this week’s activity, we want to hear from you! Use this activity to take the time to introduce yourself on the Flipgrid page. Once you're there, give a quick introduction to all the other kids reading. Give us your name, and any interesting facts about you that you would like to share. Feel free to interact with each other as much as you wish. Remember to be kind and respectful.

We’ve replaced our typical writing prompts with some topics you could talk about. However, you can ask us anything you’d like!

  • We know with everything going on, some of you may be feeling anxious or unsure about the new school year. Many of us are students, some of us want to be teachers, so we’re feeling some of the same things you are. How are you feeling about the new school year? Feel free to ask us how we feel.

  • What is your morning routine before school. Do you get ready in a certain way? Eat certain foods? Are you a morning person, or a night person? You can ask us about our routine too!

  • What is your favorite class in school? Are you an English person? Or do you like history? Math? P.E.? The staff members here take a lot of cool classes at college. Feel free to ask us about them!

  • What have you been doing over the summer, with everything going on? Have you found new things to do, when going out in public hasn’t been an option? Have you been reading? Writing? Playing sports? Let us know, and feel free to ask us what we’ve been up to.

  • What kind of books do you like? Do you have a favorite book? If so, what is it? If you’ve been reading along with the books from our program, what has been your favorite? Each of us have enjoyed the books too. We’d love to tell you what our favorites have been.

Whatever you write about, we can’t wait to hear from you, on the Flipgrid or otherwise. Until next week, stay curious & kind. Happy writing!

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