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Friday Writing Prompts: Week One

by Kayla Aldrich, Read to Them staff

Hello there, readers! We’ve had quite the exciting week with Zoey and Sassafras, and with so much more to come, we can hardly wait to continue. As you wrap up week one, be sure to check out the previous blog posts for Dragons & Marshmallows if you’ve missed them. There’s even an interview with Asia Citro that you won’t want to miss!

Have you had the chance to check out the digital resources for Dragons yet? Be sure to race over to the Flipgrid community for this book. It’s the perfect place to share your thoughts about the novel with your peers! This week’s bonus activity gives you the opportunity to dive into the Asia Citro’s site - she’s created loads of activities, and once you’ve done as many as you’d like, come back over to Flipgrid to tell us about one you chose! Be sure to share your finished product.

Before we go, here are some writing prompts that will help the magic last through the weekend!

  • Zoey’s mom met Pip when she was around Zoey’s age. While you’ve heard parts of this first meeting, aren’t you curious about filling in the blanks? If you are, write a short story that covers the first interaction between Zoe’s mom and Pip in full.

  • Zoey discovers that her mom helps the magical animals who live in their forest. Write about how you would react if you learned someone in your family introduced you to the world of magical creatures!

  • Zoey and her mom bond over their love of science. What is something that brings you and your family closer together? Is it a tradition? A TV show? A shared passion? Write a paragraph about it.

  • There’s a photograph in Zoe’s mom’s office - and it’s captured a glowing frog! If you could take a photo of any magical or mythical creature, what would it be? What part of their magic would be captured in the photograph? Would it glow like the picture of Pip? Something else? Write down your answers.

  • Only certain people have the ability to see magical animals. For instance, Zoe and her mom can, but Zoe’s father cannot. Consider if you had Zoe’s ability, but someone you care about did not. Or vice versa! Write a few sentences explaining how you might navigate that situation, and what you could do to share the magic with someone who can’t see it.

We’re looking forward to starting the second half of Dragons & Marshmallows. Rest up, all, and enjoy your Friday - happy reading!

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