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Friday Reconnect - Week 3

By Oliver Perry & Chloe Grant, Read to Them Staff

Happy Friday & welcome to our reconnect for the third week of Rump! What a week we’ve had. During this week’s reading we had the honor of meeting the trolls. What a great bunch they are! Between the sludge he drinks with the trolls and the cake he eats from the Wool Witches, it’s no wonder Rump’s growing! Despite the stress of his situation with Opal, Rump’s met quite a few characters, and made a couple new friends in our reading this week. We want to close out the week and focus on those friendships by giving a couple activities to showcase them. Check out the video from a previous read below to watch a staff member go over the instructions. To join in on the fun all you’ll need is some paper, coloring utensils, and a stapler or a glue stick. If you’d rather make something a bit more intricate, here’s a video from LionBrandYarn with an easy method you can follow to make friendship bracelets!

We hope you spend some time this weekend celebrating the friends in your life. We miss being with our friends, so we’re sending lots of love and virtual hugs to all of them, including you!

Lastly, if you want to take some time to write this weekend, here are some writing prompts to get you started:

  • Rump meets a nice lady named Martha. Do you know anyone kind like Martha? Write about them. What makes them so kind? Do they cook good food for you? Maybe reach out to them and let them know you’re thinking about them.

  • Have you ever been to a wedding? If you have, write about what it was like. Who was there, what happened, what did it look like? If you haven’t, describe what you think a wedding should be like.

  • The trolls seem scary at first, but turn out to be nice. Have you ever made a snap judgement about somebody who turned out to be nice? Write about why you think you made that assumption? Why is it bad to judge people off their looks, or even first impressions?

  • Trolls drink sludge. Ew! Write about a food you can’t stand. What is it? Why do you dislike it so much. In contrast, write about a food you can’t get enough of.

  • Rump reaches Yonder, a place he’s never been before. Have you ever been somewhere new, outside of your hometown, before? Where was it? What was it like? Were you excited to be somewhere new, or nervous to be away from home?

We’ll see you on Monday to start off our last week of Rump. Stay kind & spread some love this weekend! See you later, friend.

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