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Friday Reconnect: Finishing Langston

By Oliver Perry, Read to Them Staff

Happy Friday friends! Today we finish Finding Langston by Lesa Cline-Ransome! What an awesome book. We hope you enjoyed reading it just as much as we did. What did you think about the way the story unfolded? What was your favorite moment? Consider the final message that Langston gives us, “And Mama, all the way up in heaven, helped me along the way finding home.” What do you think Langston means when he says this? Reflect on your experience with this wonderful novel.

Today’s activity will give us a glimpse into your world. Imagine your bookbag or any bag you own as the satchel Langston uses to tote belongings and books all around. What does your bag/satchel look like? If you could just have a few of your favorite or most important belongings in it, what would they be? We encourage you to show off your bag (and its contents) with us! We’d love to see what’s inside. You can join our live activity at 3:00 on Facebook to see what we’ve got in ours.

To round out our time with Finding Langston, we’ve compiled a brand new list of writing prompts to get you scribbling.

  • Write the story of your first friend. Who are they? How did you first meet? How did you first become friends? Be descriptive, and try to get at least a paragraph.

  • Now, write a made-up adventure for your and your friend. It can be based on a real one, or totally fictional. Describe the adventure as much as you can, and include a drawing of it if you want to.

  • Write a story about two unlikely friends. What makes them different? How do they become friends? Be creative!

  • Create a new section of the library. What books would it contain? Just your favorites, or a whole new theme? What would the section look like: organized and straight, or would books be all over the place? Where in the library would it be?

  • Write a letter to a parent, guardian, teacher, or other adult who is important to you to tell them how much you appreciate them. To format your writing like a real letter, you can do some research into how to make it perfect. Give your letter to that special adult; it’s sure to make them feel special!

And that puts a wrap on our blog posts for Finding Langston. We hope you had a wondrous journey following Langston’s life in Chicago, and it was a joy to have you along for the ride. Until next time, stay safe, be kind, and don’t forget to read!

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