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Friday Reconnect - Finishing Granny

Friday Reconnect - Finishing Granny

By Chloe Grant & Oliver Perry, Read to Them staff

As we finish up Granny Torrelli Makes Soup by Sharon Creech, we have so much to talk about! What was your favorite part? Your favorite character? The moral of the story, in your opinion? Talk about all this or whatever you'd like to in your Flipgrid page before finishing up with Granny. We’ve loved reading alongside you, and we can't wait to do it again! Until then, we hope you take a page out of Granny Torrelli’s book and spend some time cooking and sharing stories with your loved ones.

You might be gathering around a table to do so, and we thought making something for the table would be the perfect activity to close out our read. Whether you’re having a meal together or just having a chat, it never hurts to have a lovely homemade centerpiece to look at. Want some inspiration? Check out the video below of a RTT staff member getting creative from a different program. We welcome you to let your imagination run wild and to attempt a masterpiece on your own, and share it with all your fellow readers on the Flipgrid.

In case you missed any of our activities from this program, here they are for your viewing pleasure!

Week One:

Week Two:

We wanted to offer you some writing prompts to consider this week as well:

  • Cooking makes Rosie and Granny Torrelli feel better. What is something that makes you feel better when you’re sad or upset? Write a few sentences about that thing.

  • Think of a time that you got jealous. Describe that experience. Looking back, do you think you were justified in getting jealous? How would you handle this situation differently?

  • Like Granny Torrelli, we want you to create a story about a person. Your story should describe your character, and an experience they have. What do they do? Are there other characters? What is the lesson? Be creative!

  • Sometimes it’s hard to admit you were wrong in a friendship or relationship. Describe a situation where you had to swallow your pride and admit you were wrong. What ways can we work to be better in admitting our mistakes?

  • If you were to have a big dinner party, who would you invite? For each person that you’ll invite to your party, write a sentence why. What food will you serve at your party? Where will it be held?

Farewell for now friends, but we’ll see you soon. As always, be kind and keep reading!

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