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Friday Reconnect: Finishing Flora & Ulysses

By Oliver Perry, Read to Them staff

Happy Friday everyone! We have reached the end of our read of Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo. Don’t be sad that it’s over, be glad it happened. We hope you loved your time with this wonderful book as much as we did. One of the best things to do when finishing a book for the first time is reflecting. What did you think of the book? The story? The conflicts? Any favorite characters or moments? Any least favorites? Would you change the ending, or do you like how it finished? Let us know your thoughts on these questions and anything else you want to chat about on your Flipgrid page!

Our final activity for this read puts you in the role of a critic. A critic is someone who writes reviews of things like books, art, and movies. Your job this week is to do a review of the book! This can be in any format you’d like: you can write it up or do a video. If you want to get even more creative with your review, it can be in the form of a cartoon, comic, or poem!

However you do your review, make sure to hit all the important points. Give your opinion on the story, the conflict and how it’s resolved, and the characters you liked and didn’t. What was your favorite scene? Your least favorite? How could the book be improved? What did it do well?

After you finish your review, pat yourself on the back, take a break, then circle back to our writing prompts for the week.

  • From the start of our story Flora is called a “natural born cynic,” and Ulysses an “unassuming squirrel” now that you’ve finished the story do you think those labels are still true? Write a paragraph explaining your answer, and if you’ve decided they’re no longer accurate, assign them new labels!

  • Our story ends with one last poem from Ulysses. Now that our program is ending try your hand at writing your own poem to conclude your reading.

  • As you know, squirrels aren’t typically superheroes. Now that you’ve read Ulysses’ origin story, write the next uncommon superhero story!

  • Earlier this week our team wrote our very own issue of Terrible Things Can Happen to You! Now, we want you to try writing your own issue! While you could take a page out of our (comic) book and write the next issue of Terrible Things, you could also attempt to write an issue for the other bonus comic Flora mentions, The Criminal Element, or you could create and write your own bonus comic!

Thanks again for reading Flora and Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo with us. We hope your adventure was an illuminated one. That’s it from us, but remember you can always access your Flipgrid page if you have any other closing thoughts. Until next time, be safe, have fun, and keep reading!

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