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Friday Reconnect - Finishing Dragons

By Oliver Perry, Read to Them Staff

Happy Friday friends! We have wrapped up our second and final week of Dragons in a Bag, and we’re so sad it’s over. With that said, how awesome was this book? In this past week we’ve met Jax’s grandpa Trub, been to the magic realm, where we met Sis and L. Roy Jenkins, and we dealt with the case of the missing dragon! What was your favorite part of this book? Would you visit the magic realm? Would you become a witch or sorcerer’s apprentice? We’d love to hear from you, so let us know on your Flipgrid page. While you reflect on the book, we’ve got a super-duper activity planned for y’all!

In these last few chapters, Jax realizes that one dragon is missing! He decides Kavita has taken it, and he has got to get it back for Ma. For today’s activity, we’re going to give Jax a helping-hand by making him a Lost Dragon Sign! With a piece of paper, your pencils and coloring tools, and your wonderful imaginations, create a sign for a lost dragon. The missing dragon doesn't have to be one of Ma's! It can be any dragon that you come up with. Give them a name. Draw them: what do they look like? Write down all of their features so your missing sign is helpful: what is their name, what color are they, how big are they, what do they eat, where were they last seen? Be creative, colorful, and have fun, and remember: we would love it if you shared your creations with all the other readers on the Flipgrid page.

To send us off as we finish Dragons in a Bag, we’ve got some writing prompts for everyone to consider.

  • If you were to have a mythical creature as a friend, what would it be? A dragon? A griffon? A fairy? A centaur? Write about what your friend would look like, why you would choose this creature and what activities you would do with them.

  • Do you ever talk with kids younger than you? Older than you? Write a sentence or two about how you interact with younger kids. Write another about interacting with older kids. What’s the difference? How do you change yourself based on who you’re talking to?

  • Jax and Trub get a burger and catch up in Chapter 9. On a perfect day, what restaurant would you choose to eat? Who would you eat with? Where would you eat it? Describe the day, the meal, where you’d be, and who you’d be with.

  • In Chapter 10 we visit the magic realm! We see beautiful butterflies, giant trees, and a lavender sky. Write a few sentences adding some magical things to the magical realm. What animals would you add? Plants? Scenery? Be creative!

  • Jax wants to be Ma’s apprentice. Write about something you’ve always wanted to do. Then, write about someone who inspired you or supported you to do it. Was it a parent or family member? A friend? A teacher, or another adult? How did they support your dream, and what did their support mean to you?

We have enjoyed reading Dragons in a Bag with you all so very much. We hope you have enjoyed it too, and we super hope the school year is going well for you! Don’t forget to stay creative: read, write, and be magical.

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