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Friday Reconnect: Finishing Ban This Book

By Chloe Grant, Read to Them staff

Well, friends, we’ve reached the end of our time with Ban This Book by Alan Gratz. We hope you’ve been inspired by Amy Ann and this cast of characters, and that you’ve taken some time to reflect on what you’ve learned during the read. Similarly, if you read Oliver’s post on the Power of Your Voice, you’re sure to be ready to speak up in your own community! Or, if you’d rather take action in a way that aligns with Amy Ann’s character, check out today’s activity. Just like Amy Ann used the power of her voice to raise up authors that had been silenced or banned, we want you to do the same.

Now that you’ve finished Ban This Book, if we’ve done something right, you’re looking for your next title to read. Today’s activity is to explore all of the titles you could check out next, and ultimately decide what your next book is going to be. Whether you decide to return our post on banned books and pick one of those titles, or to dig deeper into other authors, themes, or styles you may not have considered before. Whatever title you choose, we want to hear about it! Once you’ve landed on a title post about it in the Flipgrid and let us know what you’ll be reading. Maybe some of your peers will be reading it and you can keep up your community reading experience! We’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading Ban This Book with you, and we encourage you to keep on reading, and to continue asking questions and standing up for what you believe in, just like Amy Ann!

If you’re looking for some guidance in choosing your next title (although these are not banned books!) check out these titles from our Next Books Connections for Ban This Book:

  • Good Kind of Trouble by Lisa Moore Ramé

  • Finding Langston by Lesa Cline-Ransome

  • Fish in a Tree by Linda Mullaly Hunt

  • Book Uncle and Me by Uma Krishnaswami

  • The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl by Stacy McAnulty

You can find the whole list of Next Book Connections in your Family Fun Pack.

Thank you so much for reading Ban This Book by Alan Gratz with us. Until next time, stay curious and don’t forget the power of your voice!

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