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Friday Reconnect - Dragons Week One

By Chloe Grant & Oliver Perry, Read to Them Staff

Well friends, we finish off our reading of Dragons In a Bag this week with quite a cliffhanger. We’ve seen teleporting guard houses, an invisible man, and dinosaurs in this week’s reading, and that’s just the beginning! The sneaky critters Ma is holding on to are taking her and Jax on quite the adventure. Zetta Elliott has created such a rich story that we’re grateful to be reading with you! Speaking of Elliott, if you haven’t read our interview with her from earlier this week, you should check it out. Next week we’ll be talking about Ma’s character and the magic of perspective. Until then, we leave you with our usual Friday activity & writing prompts!

At this point in the text, Jax and Ma have found themselves in the time of triceratopses and velociraptors. While this wasn't where they intended to go, it's still a pretty cool sight to see! In today’s activity we invite you to discuss where you would go if you had access to a time machine. Maybe your time machine is a guard house like the one in the book, or maybe it's something else! Be creative, and let your mind take you where it wants to go: we encourage you to discuss and share your ideas and thoughts on the Flipgrid page!

If you need some imaginative inspiration to help guide your travels, try these writing prompts!

  • When your parents or guardians have to be away, where do they leave you? With other relatives? Friends? Somebody like Ma? Do you enjoy being at this ‘other’ place?

  • Ma has an impressive library in her apartment. If you could have a giant library in your home, name some books you would have in it. What kind of books? What genres? What books wouldn’t you have in your library?

  • Do you have a friend like Vik that you can go to when you need help or advice? Who are they? What makes them a friend that you can rely on?

  • If you could travel through time what era would you visit? The era of dinosaurs? The future? Pick a time period, explain why you chose it, and what you would do in that period.

  • Ma and Jaxon talk about imprints. Using their definition, name a few people who have left an imprint on you. Who are they? How have they left an impression on you? Do you think you’ve ever left an imprint on someone else? Who, and how?

Our team sends you well wishes as you journey into this next school year, and we hope that you find the time to create some magic this weekend! Whether it’s by reading, writing, or drawing we encourage you to stay curious and have fun. See you next week!

Stay well and be kind.

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