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Character Spotlight: Ulysses

By Chloe Grant, Read to Them staff

Well, how do you do, readers! Welcome back to your reading of Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo. Last week we kicked off our reading by introducing our main character, Flora. Today we’d like to spotlight the superhero squirrel she befriended in last week’s reading, Ulysses! Keep reading for some more info about Flora’s fantastical furry friend.


Name: Ulysses

Species: Squirrel, which is a member of the Sciuridae family.

Origin Story: Before developing superhero abilities, Ulysses was a nameless, unassuming squirrel. His love of language and vacuum-lifting strengths came about following his run-in with Tootie’s new vacuum, the vacuum Flora named Ulysses after. Sucked up by the cleaner, Ulysses laid lifeless with some missing fur, but then something happened. His brain started thinking differently, he developed some new qualities, and BOOM— a superhero was born.

Friends, Family, & Arch-Nemesis: While we don’t know much about Ulysses’ relatives, we do know Flora has become not just Ulysses’ friend, but his family. Tootie and William Spiver are also companions of our furry friend. Flora’s father, George, was instructed to ‘deal with’ Ulysses by his arch nemesis, Flora’s mother, but he defied orders and befriended the creature instead.

Personality: Ulysses is a thoughtful squirrel that loves to type poems. With his new found brainpower, he takes in his surroundings, and thinks of how he’ll put them into words. Another major component of Ulysses’ personality is his love for food. He’s always hungry! Lastly, his tiny heart is full of love for the small cynic who saved his life, Flora.

Likes: Food, Flora, and poetry.

Dislikes: Vacuums and Phyllis

Notable Quote: “I’m hungry.”

We hope you enjoy the adventures to come in our second week with this story. There’s a lot more action in store for our superhero squirrel, that’s for sure. Have you noticed the layout of this book resembles the comics Flora loves so dearly? We have too! That’s why we decided to devote our next piece to all things comics. Be sure to check it and in the meantime, happy reading!

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