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Character Spotlight: TukTuk, Sheep, and Frank the Washing Machine

By Kayla Aldrich, Read to Them staff

Good morning, all, and welcome to the second week of Toys Go Out. As the read comes to a close this week, we hope you’ll continue to enjoy the adventures (and misadventures!) this cast of characters endures. While you got an introduction to the main trio in our last round of character highlights, here’s a look at the delightful supporting cast coming in the form of...


TukTuk is a yellow towel that lives in the bathroom. She’s floppy and soft, but after a bath, she’s prone to being damp and flopping into a heap on the floor. It’s a rare thing that she can get ironed and folded, but when those days come? They’re the best. TukTuk is well-versed in bathroom things like fingernail clippers and dental floss, but she’s actually quite knowledgeable in other areas… like plastic! After TukTuk helps out her friends, you can bet a terry-cloth hug will follow close behind.


As a stuffed Sheep with one ear, it may be surprising for many that she’s quieter than the other toys. She’s got a great sense of smell— Sheep can pick up the peanut butter smeared on Lumphy— and makes little snorty sounds when she’s deep in concentration. Sheep is often distracted by things like shoe laces that may not look like grass, but are still perfectly chewable. And sometimes? Her chewing lends a helping hand for Buffalos stuck in a smelly, smelly shoe!

Frank the Washing Machine

As a washing machine, Frank can be pretty big and intimidating to those who are unfamiliar with the basement. However, he’s got a kind voice and loves company, especially if you like to talk and entertain. Frank also has a knack for singing. He comes up with the Buffalo Shuffle song for Lumphy on the fly! While life as a washing machine can be lonely, Frank does his best to chat with the cycle of towels, toys, and other objects that come to him for a wash. And what a memorable impression he leaves behind!

Have a favorite character? Share that information with us (and why!) on your Flipgrid page. Watch this space for Wednesday, as we had the opportunity to talk to Paul O. Zelinsky, the illustrator for Toys Go Out and all the other books in the Toys series. Until then, stay safe and stay kind, and above all? Happy reading!

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