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Character Spotlight: Sam Beaver

By Oliver Perry, Read to Them Staff

Hello friends, and happy Monday! We are so excited that we have reached the final week of our read of The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White. What an adventure it has been for Louis and company. What has been your favorite moment thus far? Who has been your favorite character? Well, in today’s spotlight, we want to talk about one that deserves more love than he gets. He helps Louis find his voice, takes him to camp, and even saves the day. Let’s all say hello to the hard-working, animal-loving best friend we wish we had:

Sam Beaver

Name: Sam Beaver

Age: Eleven

Physical Traits: Despite being eleven, Sam is quite strong for his age. He has black hair and dark eyes.

Personality: Sam Beaver is one incredible eleven year old. He is kind hearted, communicative, hard-working, passionate, creative, knowledgeable, and more. He cares deeply about nature and animals, but also cares about his family.

Home: Although he spends a lot of time in the wilderness of Canada, his home's in Montana. That home is actually the beautiful Bar Nothing Ranch, where Sam diligently helps out with chores and work, and where guests stay from time to time.

Friends: Sam has friends in school and at camp, and gets along with just about everyone (aside from Applegate Skinner). However, the most touching friendship we get to witness is the one Sam has with Louis. Despite being different species, they seem to understand each other. Without Sam, Louis would never have found his voice, attended camp, or even became a famous trumpet player!

Family: Sam has a mother and father, whom he loves. He also loves his cow pony, Duke, who he rides everywhere.

Hobbies: Sam is an avid animal lover and watcher. He enjoys being in the great outdoors. He likes spending time with his father, but equally enjoys alone time. He is also a writer! Sam jots down his thoughts of the day in his trusty journal, and even asks himself a question at the end of each entry. Now there’s a habit we can get behind!

Likes: Writing, exploring, animals

Notable Quote: “A tennis ball will always be just a tennis ball. A cake of soap will always be just a cake of soap - until it gets so small nobody wants it and they throw it away. But an egg will someday be a living creature.” (28)

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this incredible character. What would Louis do without him? What would this story be like without him? Think about how important each character is to this wonderful tale. This is our final spotlight, but if you’ve missed the previous entries on Louis and the cob, feel free to check them out! Enjoy the rest of your read, be kind, safe and happy, and we’ll see you next time.

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