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Character Spotlight: Red

by Kayla Aldrich, Read to Them staff

Hello, friends, and thank you for joining Read to Them for the second week of reading Rump. Last Monday’s Character Spotlight highlighted the book’s title character, Rump, but this time around, we thought it was important to shine a light on someone who plays quite the role in Rump’s life. You’ve likely known her for many, many years, but you’ve never seen her like this. Here, with all the esteem her name deserves, is…


You can read about more of Red’s adventures in the sequel to Rump entitled Red.

Name: Red

Home: Red lives with her mother in the Village, but she frequently visits her grandmother in The Woods.

Occupation: Like Rump, Red works in the Mountain trying to find any gold she can. It’s hard work, but it must be done. If there’s no gold, there’s no food on ration day.

Family: Red has her mother and her grandmother, both of whom she holds in high regard.

Friends: As far as friendship goes, Red is protective of and loyal to Rump. Well, they aren’t friends exactly, but they’re definitely getting there.

Destiny: With a name like Red, there’s the implication that the path she walks can only be a bad or evil one. People fear Red’s name, and they fear her, and they mark her as different.

Personality: It’s really no surprise that Red is so fierce. Her name sticks out as much as Rump’s does, and it’s part of the reason that she’s so quick to defend Rump against the verbal attacks from bullies. She isn’t quick to laugh or smile, though she is protective and practical.

Dislikes: Red cannot stand bullying, especially when it comes from the likes of Frederick and Bruno. She hates the sound of the bell that rings out over the Village when a baby is born, because of the discussion of that baby’s destiny that always follows. Red is very familiar with magic and its consequences, and one of her biggest pet peeves is when someone (namely Rump) won’t listen to her warnings.

Notable Quote: “There will be magical consequences, too. Magic has its own rules.”

What a spitfire, huh? We hope that over the rest of the read, you’ll continue to follow Red and Rump’s journey toward destiny. Be sure to join us next Monday where we’ll be highlighting Pixies and the not-so tiny influence they have in Rump. Stay well and stay kind.

Happy reading!

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