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Character Spotlight: Pixies

By Oliver Perry, Read to Them Staff

Hello again everybody. On Friday we let off our reading of Rump with a worrisome encounter between Rump and Opal. She has promised her firstborn child to Rump in exchange for the gold he has spun! In reality though, we know that isn’t what he wanted at all. Hopefully, as we begin this third week, Rump’s destiny will start to improve.

Speaking of gold, there is one group of creatures in our story that are hopelessly attracted to it. You can find them buzzing around throughout the villages of The Kingdom, snickering and chanting, looking for gold. We know these fluttery creatures as…


Species: Pixie, similar to a fairy, but a lot sassier.

Characteristics: Pixies, although much like bugs, are unique in that they look like little people! They have bright, shining hair in many colors, and buzz around with spectacular sets of wings. Pixies can even sing, although they usually only sing for gold. For how beautiful the pixies are, they can be really annoying.

Things They Love: Gold! They fly around in constant search of anything related to gold. Pixies can even sense the potential of gold, which is why they fly around Rump so much. They also love shiny, pretty, beautiful things in general.

Avoiding Pixie Encounters: Pixies can be quite bothersome. If you have gold on you, or perhaps, a talent for spinning gold, they can even be dangerous. As we saw happen to Rump, gold hungry pixies can resort to buzzing and biting! So, here are our tips to avoid pixies.

  • Pixies hate dirt. If you carry around a bag of dirt, and either throw it at the pixies, or cover yourself in it (ew!) the pixies will flee!

  • The arch-nemesis of pixies are bees. If you ever want the pixies following you to get out of dodge, finding a beehive is a sure fire way to do it.

  • No gold, no pixies. Stay away from gold!

Hibernation: During the winter months, groups of pixies find a place to take a long, long sleep in their nests. Pixies make their nests in many places, including decaying logs, clumps of grass, or bundles of twigs. The pixies inside warm themselves with tiny blankets made of leaves, feathers, or wool.

Because of these winter sleeps, the citizens of the villages of the Kingdom tend to move these nests while the pixies are getting tired. They move them away from houses and towns, so that there are less pixies around. But be careful, you do not want to wake a pixie from its sleep.

Notable Quote: “Gold! Gold! Gold!”

We expect to see the pixies follow Rump around quite a bit more. We hope you are enjoying Rump as much as we are. Got opinions on the reading thus far? Share them with friends on the Flipgrid page!

Have a magical week, be kind, and happy reading!

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