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Character Spotlight: Oscar

By Chloe Grant, Read to Them Staff

Hey there! Welcome to our last week with The Adventures of a South Pole Pig! As the cold air is making its way through our neighborhoods, our hearts have been warmed by the friendships in this book. Our main character, Flora, is pretty lucky to have made some amazing friends throughout her journey. We met some of them in last week’s Character Spotlight, and today we’ll be meeting another. He’s strong, a natural born leader, and lots of fur to keep him warm in the cold. That’s right, today we’re talking about...


Name: Oscar

Appearance: As the lead sled dog, Oscar is a strong dog. He has lots of fluffy fur to keep him warm in the cold, and a passion for pulling that keeps his team in line.

Family: While we don’t know much about Oscar’s family, it’s safe to say that his fellow sled dogs are his brothers. Similarly, he gets very close with Sophia, Flora, and Aleric during their time in the South Pole, so I’d say they could be considered family too.

Personality: Oscar is stubborn, which we’ll see more of as we carry on our reading this week. Being the top dog it’s important for Oscar to be a strong leader, so he likes to be in control. He’s very thoughtful, and has a great memory. We’ll also see that he’s reluctant to ask for help, even when he may need it, and that his whole world is rooted in being a sled dog. However, his perspective shifts a little bit as he learns a few lessons from his new friends.

Likes: While we already know that Oscar loves being a sled dog, it’s important to note that being a sled dog gives Oscar a strong sense of adventure as well. His job leads him to exploring new places, and that’s what he lives for! He likes to be in charge, and will do all that he can to help his humans achieve their mission.

Notable quote: “Being a sled dog is what I was born to do.”

We hope you enjoy getting to know Oscar more as we finish our reading this week. One special thing about this book is the way that this cast of characters does everything they can to protect one another. We strive to bring that attitude into our lives, and hope you gain something from reading about the relationships these characters have. In addition to reading about Flora, Oscar, and the rest of the crew, this book has wonderful illustrations that go along with the words on the page. The woman behind those illustrations is Jennifer Black Reinhardt, and on Wednesday we’ll be featuring an interview with her. Be sure to come back and check it out!

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