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Character Spotlight: Opal

by Kayla Aldrich, Read to Them staff

Hello, all, and welcome to the fourth and final week of your reading of Rump! It’s been quite the journey, right? We’re not finished just yet, as we’ve got one last character to highlight. She’s a major player on the path to Rump’s destiny, and while you’ve gotten to know her already, here, highlighted in the space she deserves, is…


Name: Opal

Significant Other: She is the wife of King Bartholomew Archibald Reginald Fife, also known as “King Barf” to those who live outside the Kingdom.

Family: Opal is the only girl in a herd of nine brothers. Her father, Oswald, is the miller who is greedy and decides how much food one earns for their work in the gold mines.

Appearance: Her lips are ruby red and her hair is as gold as the straw Rump spins. Opal is considered very beautiful - she even has an offer of four sheep and a cow for her hand in marriage before becoming Queen. Still, there is a blankness about her face shifts when her tongue flicks out like a frog catching flies.

Personality: Opal is very quiet, but, as her journey unfolds, she becomes far more vocal. Once she’s taken by King Barf, she is prone to swinging between sobs and shouts as her emotions run high. She is often frustrated with Rump, as her future relies on his magical gold-spinning skills. She has a number of nervous tics like brushing her hands over her hair and fiddling with her dress.

Clothing of Choice: Opal cycles through a number of plain dresses in the Village. However, on her wedding slash coronation day, Opal dons a stunning gown embroidered with gold thread and a modest gold crown.

Dislikes: She has a distaste for magic and how precise its rules are. The idea of promising something, even if it’s the promise of something, seems absurd to her. Opal is easily irritated by Rump, as he has no wish to spin gold for her and King Barf for the rest of his days. Hopefully, things will work out for the best… right?

Memorable Quote: “I’ll give you my firstborn child. I promise.”

We hope that you enjoy this last week with the unforgettable cast of Rump. Have something to share? Feel free to drop by the Flipgrid and let us know about your experience! We’d love to hear from you. With that, have an awesome week, all— and happy reading!

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