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Character Spotlight: Nim

By Kayla Aldrich, Read to Them Staff

Hello, all! Welcome to your read Nim’s Island by Wendy Orr. Being able to find time away from the everyday hustle and bustle is so important. What better way to do that than an island escape? Lucky for you, the best and brightest island guide comes in the form of…


Name: Nim Rusoe

Description: Nim is a young girl who has mastered climbing palm trees. Her hair is wild and her eyes are very bright. Around her neck, Nim wears three chords to carry her spyglass, a whistling shell, and a red pocket knife in a sheath.

Family: Her father, Jack, who is a scientist. Her mother was lost studying the contents of a blue whale’s stomach when Troppo Tourists startled the whale into diving.

Friends: Nim is surrounded by a menagerie of animals including Selkie the sea lion, Fred the iguana, and Galileo the frigate bird. Selkie has a habit of mothering Nim, especially if Jack is off on science expeditions and Fred? Nim can always count on Fred for a laugh and a really prickly hug. While most of Nim’s friends thrive in the animal kingdom, Nim strikes up an unexpected friendship with Alex Rover, world famous adventure writer.

Home: Nim lives on a remote island which also happens to be the most beautiful island in the whole world! While she and Jack keep their belongings in a hut made from driftwood logs, strong branches, and a palm-leaf roof, the island is fairly large. There’s a waterfall, numerous beaches, cliffs for bird watching, and even a cave used in case of emergency eruptions on Fire Mountain.

Personality: Nim is caring, brave and resilient. If there’s a loved one in danger, Nim would do anything she could to bring them back to safety. Admirably, when a situation turns south, Nim is able to remain level-headed and steady even if she may feel scared on the inside.

Likes: Nim likes eating the various fruits on the island, like oranges, bananas, strawberries, and pineapples. In her down time, Nim swims the various beaches and plays with her animal friends. She likes to study the island’s plants and animals, as it’s a wonderful way of spending time with Jack. Nim reads a lot, too, especially adventure books like Mountain Madness.

Dislikes: Troppo Tourists.

Notable Quote: “I correspond with Alex Rover by e-mail… I correspond with a hero.”

Can you feel the island breeze yet? We hope so, but if the call of the sea is slow to reach you, don’t fret! We’re spending two weeks with Nim, and on Wednesday, we’ll be sharing an exclusive interview with Wendy Orr, so stay tuned! Join us back here next Monday for a proper introduction to Alex Rover, but in the meantime? Be kind, stay safe, and happy reading, all!

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