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Character Spotlight: Ma

by Kayla Aldrich, Read to Them Staff

Happy Monday friends! We hope you had a restful weekend and are ready to delve back into Jax’s magical journey through time. While you’ve gotten to know her in passing, to kick off our Monday, we thought it best if we give a warm greeting to the irreplaceable…


Name: Ma

Description: When Jaxon first encounters Ma, she’s in a purple velour house-coat; it’s an old piece, worn at the elbows. She’s got a gruff voice paired with the face of an older woman. Her eyes are blue-black and she doesn’t have eyebrows, topped off with a cloud of white hair.

Home: In many ways, Ma’s Brooklyn home is as mysterious as she is. There are three locks on her front door and the apartment is shrouded in shadows so dark, Jaxon’s eyes have to adjust. There’s a musty smell that’s balanced by two large windows, a wall of books, and a box that contains a secret creature.

Personality: Ma is very no nonsense. She’s blunt, but protective and though she may have an abrasive front, in times of danger, she’ll put herself on the line to protect those she cares about.

Likes: If you catch her early in the morning, Ma will likely be drinking a root beer. She enjoys her work as a witch and maybe, just maybe, likes spending time with Jax, even if they are running into troublesome dinosaurs.

Dislikes: Don’t call her “ma’am” — stick to the name Ma, and you’ll be just fine. And if you’re a squirrel, you’d better keep out of her kitchen, or Ma will run you off with her cane.

Hobbies: While she’s close to retirement, Ma cares for a number of magical creatures and even runs deliveries to get these fantastical beings from one world to another. Be warned, though - never feed a baby dragon or it’ll imprint on you!

Notable Quote: “I been on the job too long, Jax. These old bones need an extended vacation.”

We have the feeling that, even after your read of Dragons in a Bag, Ma and all her complexities will linger. If you haven’t gotten the chance, take a look at our interview with Zetta Elliot and be on the lookout for our post on Wednesday, where we discuss the magic of perspective and the importance of seeing things from another point of view. In the meantime, friends, we hope you continue to enjoy the read. Stay kind to one another, and be safe.

Happy reading!

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