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Character Spotlight: Luna and Sophia

by Kayla Aldrich, Read to Them Staff

Hello, all! We hope you enjoyed your weekend, and we are happy to have you back with us for your read of The Adventures of a South Pole Pig by Chris Kurtz. With all the fun ahead, we have no doubt you’ll have a blast as Flora continues her journey south. And while you got an introduction to sweet Flora last week, no story is complete without an unforgettable supporting cast. Here are…

Luna & Sophia

Luna is a white cat who lives on the same farm as Flora. She is patient with Flora, answering a number of questions that Flora throws her way. Luna serves as a wise presence in Flora’s life— she offers advice that Flora aims to follow, like how Flora shouldn’t go looking for trouble, not when trouble is so likely to find her. Even better, Luna has been on the farm long enough to be familiar with the other animals, to know stories about them that Flora has never heard previously. One of Luna’s many talents includes the hunting and catching of rats. Her skills are so impressive, Flora even tries to copy them by playing Cats & Rats with her brothers!

Sophia is also a cat, but she is smaller and orange. She is notably well-groomed, too. Her personality is quite different from Luna’s, as Sophia is blunt and even rude, in some instances. She doesn’t hold back her thoughts and much of her speech is sarcastic and hurtful to Flora. Like Luna, Sophia is a professional at taking care of rats. She serves as the sheriff at the docks, keeping any pests at bay all on her own! Flora and Oscar have differing opinions on Sophia: Flora thinks Sophia is mysterious and interesting, while Oscar sees Sophia as someone that’s stuck up and conceited. Sophia is independent and prefers to work alone… except when the opportunity to get a pet on the head or back arises. She might change her mind, then.


Like Flora, both Luna and Sophia have their unique roles to play in South Pole Pig. As the story progresses, it’ll be interesting to see how important both of them really are! In the meantime, be well, be kind, and happy reading!

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