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Character Spotlight: Jack

by Kayla Aldrich, Read to Them staff

Hello, all! Welcome back for the second week of reading Cynthia Lord’s Because of the Rabbit. For today, we thought we’d take the time to introduce a character that’s presence in the novel is only going to grow as you dive into this week’s slate of chapters. His name is…


Name: Jack

Grade: Fifth

Home: Jack lives in a small town in Maine.

Family: Not much is known about Jack just yet. However, his mother is the one to drop him off at Emma's for Jack and Emma to work on their project together.

School: Like Emma, Jack is a student at Lakeview Elementary. He is aided in the classroom and in the lunchroom by Ms. Martel, who gives him pieces of advice to stay on track with his thoughts. While Jack sometimes has trouble fitting in with other students, he's not afraid to set his own path at Lakeview.

Likes: Jack loves animals - he loves talking to them, and talking about them. He knows so many animal facts - how impressive! When he first interacts with Lapi, Jack is able to interpret his actions: a thumping foot to signify anger, an urge to get out of his pen. Jack also does a number of voice impressions, including a great Elmer Fudd. Jack also loves learning- he's very knowledgable about a number of topics.

Dislikes: Jack has difficulty with remaining on topic, and sometimes, that means he speaks out of turn. As big as his fondness for animals is, Jack has difficulty being around them. It’s a sensory issue for him, but getting to observe at move at his own pace around animals - like Lapi- is just fine.

Notable Quote: "Rabbits thump to warn other rabbits about danger."

Ah, Jack! We can't wait to know you better. In the meantime, we invite you to share photos with us of you and your family during the reading event on Facebook,Instagram, andTwitter. Looking for a community to talk about all things Because of the Rabbit? Don’t forget to join Flipgrid to share your thoughts with your peers. Be well, all, and happy reading!

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