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Character Spotlight: Hattie

by Kayla Aldrich, Read to Them Staff

Hello, all and happy Monday! Welcome to week two of your read of Fenway and Hattie by Victoria J. Coe. Last week was tons of fun, as we got to meet the title character, have a virtual sit down with Victoria J. Coe! While you’ve already been introduced to Fenway, no dog is complete without their human half, and so, without further ado, here is…


Name: Hattie

Appearance: She is a young girl, still in elementary school, with bushy hair.

Family: She has her father, who Fenway calls Fetch Man, and her mother, who Fenway refers to as Food Lady.

Challenge: At the start of Fenway and Hattie, Hattie and company pack everything up to move to a new home. It’s quite the adjustment, moving from the city to a quiet, suburban area, but with support from her parents and from Fenway, surely things will work out just fine.

Friends: Hattie’s dog, Fenway, is her bestest, furriest friend - he’s fiercely protective and loyal, which are the greatest things a canine pal can be! In terms of two-legged friends, Hattie has just met her new neighbor, Angel, who is quiet and a little shy. She and Hattie still have tons of fun playing together in Hattie’s treehouse.

Likes: Besides Fenway, Hattie really adores her used-to-be-bear, who she holds onto when she’s scared. She often sings to Fenway, cooing “best buddies” in a number of ways.

Hobbies: Hattie loves to spend time with Fenway and usually that means she’s playing ball and chase. Usually, Hattie takes Fenway to the park, but now, she’s got a whole backyard they can play in! Now, Hattie even has her very own tree to climb.

We just love Hattie, and we hope you do, too! We hope you’re having fun with Fenway and Hattie . Remember to join in the larger discussion with fellow readers over on the super-duper fun Flipgrid page. We’ll see you again on Wednesday and until then, be well and be kind.

Happy reading!

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