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Character Spotlight: Granny Torrelli

By Kayla Aldrich, Read to Them Staff

Hello all! Welcome to your read of Granny Torrelli Makes Soup by Sharon Creech. Granny Torrelli is a warm, inviting book, perfect for cuddling up to read with some Zuppa! And with that in mind, here is the title character herself…

Granny Torrelli

Name: Granny Torrelli

Appearance: She is a small, older woman from Italy who speaks with an Italian accent.

Family: Granny Torrelli has a granddaughter named Rosie, who she loves very much.

Friends: That Bailey boy from next door along with a number of neighbors who live on their street - and, as the story unfolds, we may just learn about the friends of Granny Torrelli’s youth! Stay tuned!

Personality: Granny Torrelli is the first person that Rosie talks to about her problem with Bailey. She is, according to Rosie, someone that’s always calm, reasonable, and patient unless her family is in danger like the time a man tried to break into her home. Granny Torrelli is known for giving great advice, especially when you’re at your lowest. She’s the type that’s lived long enough to be able to articulate lessons from her own experiences in order to help you through your current troubles.

Likes: On her down days, Granny Torrelli is most likely to be found in her kitchen making recipes from scratch or watching Rosie. For instance, she combines both when she takes care of Rosie and makes Zuppa, a type of soup.

Dislikes: She dislikes when those she cares about are upset or hurting. And when two of those people are Rosie and Bailey? Granny Torrelli will do what she can to bring the pair back together again.

Notable Quote: “When you are angry with someone, so angry you are thinking hateful things, so angry maybe you want to punch them, then you should think of the good things about them, and the nice things they’ve said, and why you liked them in the first place.”

Ah, we love our dear Granny Torrelli and we hope that you’ll grow to love her, too. Please join us here on Wednesday for an exclusive interview with Granny’s author, Sharon Creech! Remember to share your experience with us in your Flipgrid for the read. How you’re enjoying the event, your favorite chapter of Granny, a soup recipe you’d like to share - it can be anything! For now, please stay well, stay safe, and be kind.

Happy reading!

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