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Character Spotlight: Goldie & Patches

By Kayla Aldrich, Read to Them Staff

Hello, all! Hopefully you had a relaxing weekend as we step into our last week of reading Fenway and Hattie by Victoria Coe as a part of #OneBookConnects and Mississippi Reads One Book. While we may be in the final stretch, we aren’t done yet - and neither is Fenway! We’ve met Fenway and his small human, Hattie, but we thought we might better acquaint you with two more furry friends who come to Fenway in his hour of need…

Goldie & Patches

Goldie is one of the two dogs who live next door to Fenway and Hattie. Goldie, as you might be able to guess from her name, is a Golden Retriever. She likes to chase her tail and spend time outside. Goldie, when she’s got something on her mind, won’t hesitate to say it. She can be blunt, but she’s never mean… well, she can get growly though that’s likely due to her being a little older than Fenway who, in contrast, is quite the young pup.

Patches is the other dog who lives next to Fenway. Though it’s never specified what breed she is, Patches is a smaller dog like Fenway with white fur and black patches. She’s slower to correct Fenway when he makes the assumption that their yard is a dog park, and her voice is gentle and friendly. Like Goldie, she’s older than Fenway and she uses her knowledge and kindness to be a comfort to Fenway. While Goldie is more of a pessimist, Patches always tries to think positively and be encouraging.

Goldie and Patches compliment each other well, and, for Fenway, both are able to help him in different ways. It’s good to have friends with different personalities in your life! Join us back here on Wednesday where we’ll be discussing friendship. Whether you’re participating in #OneBookConnects or Mississippi Reads One Book, share photos of your read and of any activities you complete. Be sure to tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! We can’t wait to hear about your experience and, for now, be kind to one another and be well.

Happy reading!

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