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Character Spotlight: Flora

by Kayla Aldrich, Read to Them Staff

Good morning, all! Welcome back! We hope you are enjoying the first day of The Adventures of a South Pole Pig by Chris Kurtz as much as we are. There are several incredible characters that we are bound to meet, but for now we’d like to take a minute to introduce you to a lovable friend of ours who doubles as South Pole Pig’s protagonist…


Name: Flora

Appearance: As the first born pig in her litter, Flora has sturdy shoulders and strong back legs. Both of these characteristics aid her in making room for herself come mealtimes and waking up her siblings when they’ve spent too much time napping.

Home: She lives in a pigpen, though, most days, it feels more like a cage.

Family: Flora has her mother, who does her best to keep Flora out of trouble and offer advice about the world. She’s got seven brothers, too, at least one of which is always around to watch her get in trouble.

Personality: Flora is constantly searching for new, exciting things - unfortunately, life in a pig pen doesn't often grant opportunities for new or exciting. She’s curious and independent, but not opposed to meeting new friends. Flora is determined, too: once she sets a goal for herself, she’ll be sure to see it completed. More than anything Flora is adventurous! She wants a bigger life, to explore beyond the small world she’s known all her life.

Likes: Flora is constantly asking questions, trying to learn as much as she can about the world around her. She likes to dig holes around the perimeter of her pen in the hope she’ll find something buried in the dirt. Flora loves to explore, discover, and investigate her home, and is constantly looking to expand into other areas of the world.

Notable quote: “If it’s unexplored then it needs to get dug up.”

Ah, Flora! We hope you’ll come to love her as much as we do. Be sure check out our post with Chris Kurtz to get to know him better, too! Be sure to tag Read to Them on Facebook with any comments, favorite moments, or feedback. Have something you’d like to tell us about your read? Check out our Flipgrid here, where you can leave any and all comments in video form! Until we meet again, all— be well, be kind, and happy reading!

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