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Character Spotlight: Fenway

by Kayla Aldrich, Read to Them Staff

Hello, there! Welcome back! We’re here with you today to kick off Fenway and Hattie by Victoria Coe, and we hope you’re excited to get to know our furry friend. Why don’t we help you by giving a warm introduction to…


Name: Fenway

Nicknames: When he’s in trouble, Fenway’s humans call him FEN-Way, but when he’s about to get a treat? It’s Fenn-waay— and it’s one of his favorite sounds in the world.

Breed: He is a Jack Russell Terrier, a smaller dog with brown and white fur.

Home: Fenway lives in the city, but something’s about to change… a move to the suburbs!

Family: Fetch Man and Food Lady, along with their daughter, Hattie.

Personality: The moment he recognizes that Hattie is upset, Fenway jumps to try and cheer her up. Fenway is a very observant pup—he can pick up on a change in people’s voices and knows when something is wrong. He’s protective, both of his family and of his home, willing to take on threats so much bigger than himself.

Likes: As a little dog with a big heart, Fenway loves his family, especially Hattie. His favorite activity is to participate in his and Hattie’s snuggle game. Fenway adores time at the park, because the park means he can chase his toys to his heart’s content. He likes the smell of vanilla and mint, because that’s Hattie’s smell and Fenway takes comfort in it. Also, if he could have snacks all the time? You’d never catch Fenway turning down treats.

Dislikes: Fenway doesn’t care for change—he doesn’t understand why the mat, the muddy boots, and the fake flowers are missing from outside of the apartment. He doesn’t like the big men who come in and start taking packages out of the house. Most of all, though, Fenway can’t stand when he’s contained by the Gate; trying to jump over it makes his legs tired, and he doesn’t like that, either.

Notable Quotes: “Don’t worry. Your protector is here.”

What a good boy! We hope you love Fenway as much as we do—we’ll be with him and Hattie for the next three weeks, so you’ll have plenty of time to spend with him. Be sure to check out our interview with Victoria J. Coe, the author of Fenway and Hattie! In the meantime, be kind to yourself and to each other, friends. Stay safe, be well, and happy reading!

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