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Character Spotlight: EllRay Jakes

By Kayla Aldrich, Read to Them Staff

Hello, friends, and welcome to your reading of, EllRay Jakes Is a Rock Star! We hope that you had a relaxing weekend, but now? It’s time to get back to business. For the next two weeks, you’ll be getting to know him, so we think it’s high time you properly meet…

EllRay Jakes

Illustration by Jamie Harper.

Name: Lancelot Raymond Jakes

Nickname: “EllRay”

Age: 8

School: Oak Glen Primary School

Grade Level: Third

Family: Mom and Dad, along with a little sister named Alfie

Friends: EllRay is close to his fellow classmate, Kevin McKinley, but he’s also friends with other students in his class. This includes Corey Robinson, Emma McGraw, and Annie Pat Masterson.

Clothes of Choice: While out and about at Oak Glen Primary, EllRay is usually dressed in a number of t-shirts with cool designs. Some are striped, others have star graphics across the front. On chilly days, he’ll trade in those tees for a sweatshirt or hoodie, but EllRay typically wears dark pants and sneakers no matter the temperature.

Personality: EllRay is loyal. He is quick to defend his friends when there is a debate among the rest of his classmates. EllRay is very persistent when he sets a goal, and has a sort of determination that often drops EllRay into adventures he never saw coming.

Dislikes: EllRay doesn’t care for getting ready for Valentine’s Day. It feels like a waste of time, especially when he’s got to plan out his Valentines for so many people. And while he doesn’t mind when his sister, Alfie, calls him EllWay, he doesn’t like having to dodge her little kicking feet under the dinner table.

Aspirations: As the shortest person in his class, EllRay really wants to grow taller. He’s tried drinking milk to encourage bone growth, sleeping straight, and positive thinking, and while he’s not gotten any results yet, he thinks he’s close to reaching a breakthrough. More than anything, EllRay wants to have the best thing to brag about to his class— he’s just got to find it first!

Notable Quote: “What do I have to brag about? I have to find something!”

Enjoy going on quite the journey with EllRay! Next Monday, we’ll be turning the spotlight to EllRay’s dad, Dr. Warren Jakes.

Stay well, stay safe, and happy reading, all!

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