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Character Spotlight: Chai

by Kayla Aldrich, Read to Them staff

Hello, all, and welcome to the third and final week of reading Nuts to You! We hope you had a relaxing weekend and that you're just as eager as we are to dive right in. To kick us off, we thought we'd finally highlight the last member of our main trio:


Name: Chai

Species: Squirrel

Friends: Chai has some pretty remarkable friends. As you know, Jed, TsTs and Chai are quite loyal to one another. When one is in danger, they all fight to keep the group safe. When one is lost, you can bet the other two search high and low to reunite their trio. For instance, when TsTs and Jed get separated from Chai, they leave messages on the buzz paths to ensure if they happen to miss one another, they'll know the other is looking for them.

Home: Like TsTs and Jed, he lives in a stretch of woods that's usually pretty quiet, but when he and TsTs embark on a journey to find Jed, things change drastically. Humans have entered the forrest to clear trees - causing chaos and fright all-around.

Personality: Chai is not the type to be hopeful... but he can be persuaded to think positively if he's around the right squirrel. He's got great instincts, though, and in the face of danger - like when Chai faces off against a bobcat - he's able to escape rather than succumb to fight or flight. Another thing about Chai? Even when he's in a perilous situation, he's still able to crack a pun or two: "The thought gave him pause. Or rather, "paws."" Ah, Chai! We appreciate your sense of humor.

Notable Quote: "If this is the end, I'd rather not know about it."

Come Wednesday, we have a nice treat ready for you - a next books connection guide so you can keep all the love for Nuts to You going! Be sure to share photos with us of you and your family during the reading event on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Looking for a community to talk about all things Nuts to You? Don’t forget to join Flipgrid to share your thoughts with your peers. Be well, all, and happy reading!

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