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Character Spotlight: Alex Rover

By Oliver Perry, Read to Them Staff

Happy Monday everyone! We are feeling many different emotions as we start our last week of Nim’s Island by Wendy Orr, as we wait anxiously for Jack to come home. Last week, we got to know Nim Rusoe a little better. This week, we’re getting to know one of her friends: adventure expert and author extraordinaire…

Alex Rover

Name: Alexandra “Alex” Rover

Description: Alex Rover is a world-famous adventure author, who is believed by many to be an action hero herself, and a male one at that! In reality, she is constantly locked up in her home, rarely leaving. Despite that, she is an incredibly smart, passionate, caring, and driven person.

Friends: Until she starts talking to Nim, Alex only has imaginary friends. They are people who live in her head, and animals that don’t smell or leave hair on the carpet.

Home: Although we don’t know which one, Alex lives in a big city. In that city, she lives in a big, big building, on the forty-first floor. She wishes that she could see Keyhole Cove from her window.

Personality: Alex describes herself as a dreamer, not a doer. And yet, she wishes she could be one of her heroes, sailing across the seas or living happily on a tropical island. But she’s been afraid of airplanes and oceans ever since her uncle threw her into a swimming pool!

Writing Process: Alex Rover is always coming up with new adventure stories. She uses maps and globes and places dots that will be the setting of her tales. Her books have a brave hero, and there are always bad guys. Alex likes happy endings, so usually, the hero beats the bad guys, and all is well. She even gets a little help from Nim with her newest story!

Likes: Being at home, talking to her imaginary friends, reading stories and making new ones.

Dislikes: Flying, the ocean, going outside.

Notable Quote: “I feel like a queen bee, lazing while you buzz!”

Alex Rover doesn’t consider herself a hero, but she is heroic in her own way. From coming up with cool stories, to helping Nim fight away the Troppo Tourists, she is very smart and very brave! We hope you continue enjoying Nim’s Island, as we look forward to reading Nim and Alex’s correspondence, and await Jack’s return.

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