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Character Highlight: Langston

by Kayla Aldrich, Read to Them Staff

Hello, all and welcome to your reading of Finding Langston by Lisa Cline-Ransome. We can’t wait to spend the next couple of weeks exploring this lyrical little book that packs a punch in all the best ways. Let’s not waste a moment! Here’s a proper introduction to a young boy with a big heart...


Name: Langston

Family: Langston lives with his father, both of which are grieving the loss of Langston’s mother.

Home: While Langston finds himself in the South Side of Chicago, the majority of his family remains in Alabama, where Langston misses the red dirt roads and the sounds of the cicadas. Granted, Langston believes pretty much anything is better than the cramped little apartment 4501 Wabash Avenue.

School: Langston attends Haines Junior High School. He’s always in a hurry to leave, making a fast dash down the stairs and through the school yard.

Personality: When we first meet Langston, he’s quiet, still adjusting from the big move to Chicago. Even though he may be shy, that doesn’t mean he’s rude or unkind— he was raised on please and thank you. If you were to visit Langston’s building, you’d likely find him helping his neighbors, like Miss Fulton, with carrying their bags of groceries upstairs.

Likes: One of Langston’s pastimes is people watching from the window in the apartment. There’s so much action to be see from up above! He prefers to be the first one in his new classroom as well as helping his teacher, Miss Robins, if he can. Above all else, Langston prefers his old home in Alabama where no one poked fun at him for his accent or his clothes, where he could play games with his friends and they could talk about nothing for hours.

Notable Quote: “You ever been inside a library?”

Be sure to join us here on Wednesday for an exclusive interview with Finding Langston’s author, Lisa Cline-Ransome! In the meantime, if you’re reading along with us or taking part, make sure to share your thoughts on the book on the Flipgrid! We can’t wait to see how you’re enjoying the read! Until we meet again, all— be well, be kind, and happy reading!

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